Once upon a time..

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The history of our farm

Our life at the Gogerer Hof Farm near Sterzing

The senior farmers Johanna and Josef had no own children. Because of their growing age, work at the farm became more and more difficult. Still, they wanted to spend their last live here. So they left an ad: Family for Farm searched.

We lived in a small town near Bolzano in a condominium. When our son Paul was recovered, we longed for a house in the countryside. While browsing the advertisements we took all the courage together and answered the advertisement. . . The adventure Gogerer farm began.

Our history

2000 - Where it all began ...

We take over the farm Gogerer Hof from Josef and Johanna Staudacher from Racines near Vipiteno.

2005 - First steps

Construction of the engine room and restoration of the antique bread oven.

2006 - Opening of the holiday apartments

Our first guests move into the new apartments. The wood chip heating from the renewable raw material wood goes into operation.

2020 - Organic products as far as the eye can see

We begin operating as an organic farm and deliver our milk to the dairy farm Sterzing-Vipiteno.

We are able to offer you fresh farm products
for your breakfast, if you desired.

Delicious organic hay milk, from the cows.

A hen has laid an egg,
Who gets it out of the nest?
All children from 0-10,-
maybe they would like to collect, them.

Strawberry, raspberry and currant jam on the stove, made by Margareth.
Pure taste and health, that’s our nature’s wealth.

Basil and savory
are gladly grown for you.
Don’t forget chives and parsley,
which spice up your delicious meal.
(Claudia Behrndt)

The little herbs so fine, they could be on your plate or mine.


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